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Characters such as Mages and clerics are spellcasters who use magic to fight and to heal. Spellcaster MUST rest in order to gain their spells. Once spells are memorised or prayed for, they are ready to use. However, keep in mind, that each time spellcasters use a spell, they forget how to cast it. They must rest again to regain it.

Before you go into any serious combat, have your spellcasters memorise spells, pray for spells and rest.

Mages spend their lives seeking out new spells to add to their spell book. They must memorise these spells before using them.

Clerics and high-level Paladins pray for their spells. This is because these spells are insights; they are not memorised as with mages.

To ready the spells, go into camp, and select Memorise Spells and Pray for spells. (If there is more than one character that fits the category, choose the character that you want to work with.) Click in a number from the spell level across the top of the list, and click on the spell names to choose the spells you want to memorise. Repeat this for all the different levels of spells your magic user knows, and then press exit just once to return to the camp menu.

Repeat the above process for all the spellcasters in your party.

Once spells have been selected for all of the spellcasters, choose Rest party. The spellcasters will learn the spells you selected. From here on, whenever the party rests, the spellcasters will rememorise the same spells.

If you adventure for a while and realise that you want your spellcasters to memorise a different breakdown of spells, then the next time you camp just go into Memorise spells or pray for spells, Select Clear and then reselect spells.

All spells are cast from the adventure screen. To cast a spell, right-click on the spellcaster's spellbook or holy symbol. The spell box apeears over the compass on the adventure screen. Click on the level of the spell to cast and then click on the spell itself. If the spell affedts a specific character in the party, click in the prtrait of the recipient.

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